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Virtuoso Tina Chang Qu

Instrument(s): Violin
Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin
Rate: Rates available upon request
Level: Intermediate to Advanced soloist - virtuoso performance; talented beginners welcome
Availability: Mon-Wed

About: Ms. Qu is a top class/concert violinist and has many years if teaching experiences. Students entered the Harvard University, winning competitions, exams and scholarships, etc. Medium to advanced levels and talented beginners are welcome. Guaranteed for the best result.

Links: Tina's website HERE, Below: Czardas, by Monti, Performed by Tina Qu (Violin) and Daniel Vnukowski (Piano)

Professor Li

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Rate: $25, 1/2 Hour - $45, Hour
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Availability: Monday through Saturday

About: Active member of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), 50+ years of playing experience, Symphony Orchestra violinist, 40+ years teaching experience of the Russian + German school of Technique.

Jim Liu

Instrument(s): Violin
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, English
Rate: $20, 1/2 Hour beginning child - $25 1/2 Hour, $45 Hour children, teens and all adults
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Availability: Call

Links: Jim's student Chloe plays a popular rock melody (here)

(until further notice)

Instrument(s): Upright/String Bass
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Spanish
Rate: $35, 1/2 Hour - $60, Hour
Level: Beginners to Advanced

About: Your upright/orchestral string bass lessons here.

Availability: Call
About: All about bass!