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Drum Kits

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Planet Rock Drum Set
Planet Rock Drum Set Available colors: Black, Mirror. Special Order other colors. Special edition model: 5-piece "Power" drums (22" Bass Drum, better wood and sound. Includes double braced hardware, 14" hi-hats. 16" crash. Best warranty and value.

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Mapex Drum Set
Mapex QR Standard Drum Set Available in Black Onyx Sparkle, Special Order other colors. Popular upgrade model: 5-Piece set (22x16" Bass Drum, 12x9" and 13x10" Toms, 16x16" floor tom and 14x5.5 snare). Tom holder, 2 boom stands, snare stand, hi-hat hardware and bass drum pedal included. Cymbals NOT INCLUDED. Best warranty and great value.