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Do you have an old guitar or other fretted or stringed instrument that has been neglected or is new, but "too junky" to play and be played in tune? Bring it in for an evaluation for a full-action service-maintenance work; it may be just the thing to do to rejuvenate that old musical treasure, or make that rough new "piece of junk" function well as a music instrument; at the same time, costing you much less than replacing the it with a new one, especially if you get swindled buying a poor-playing new "junker".   ~   Bobby C. @ J.T. Music

Brasswind and Woodwind Maintenance Guides

Brasswind Maintenance Guide (general)
Yamaha Clarinet Owner's Manual
Yamaha Flute/Piccolo Owner's Manual
Yamaha French Horn Owner's Manual
Yamaha Saxophone Owner's Manual
Yamaha Trombone Owner's Manual

Survival Guides by D'Addario/Evans

Concert Percussion Survival Guide by Steve Hearn, Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Marching Percussion Survival Guide by Jim Bailey
Drum Set Survival Guide by Bob Gatzen
Double Bass Surival Guide by David Gage